Create You Own Gift Bags!

You can create your own gift bags!
You can recycle old wrapping paper or wall paper!

Teachers, are you looking for an inexpensive and easy craft project for your students?  

This is a quick and easy way to make gift bags or gift envelopes!

You will need  glue sticks,  scissors,  wrapping paper, wall paper, or other paper.  You can use recycled paper!  

Step 1    Cut your paper or use a sheet      of left over paper.  The sheet of paper needs to be at least twice the width of      the bag to be created. 

Step 2   Folder the sides toward the middle, allowing 1/2 over lap. 

Example: For this 5"x11" bag, I used a sheet of paper 10  1/2 inches by 12 inches




Step 3
Apply glue along the bottom inner edge and the edge
of one of the folded sides.


Step 4   Fold the other side of the bag over onto the top of the glued edge.  Rub your hands along the glued edges to seal.

Step 5   Apply glue to the inside and    outside bottom edge of the bag

Step 6   Rub you fingers along the bottom glued edge to seal. 

Step 7   Insert the gift 




Step 8  Tie a ribbon around the top   OR stuff with tissue paper and a decoration OR fold the top over and secure with sticker or seal.


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